Wildlife around Llanarmon and the Ceiriog Valley

It has been a great year for spotting wildlife around our holiday cottage in Llanarmon this year. And we have even managed to add some new finds to our wildlife spotting list.
Around Llanarmon and the Ceiriog Valley we always spot Red Kites circling overhead and they are an impressive sight. This year we have also spotted a lot of Buzzards in the area.
Towards the end of the summer holidays, we took a drive to Llyn Clywedog which is about 1.5hrs south of the cottage. We had never visited before and did not know what to expect. It is a really beautiful area and we were really lucky to see one of the few Ospreys nesting in the UK. It was a chance encounter, we were driving around the lake, spotted the bird hide so stopped the car to take a look. As soon as we stepped out of the car an Osprey flew overhead. We rushed into the hide and spent the next 30 minutes watching these magnificent birds. This was not a planned bird watching trip, so unfortunately we did not have our binoculars with us. However we will be back next year better prepared!
We also notched up two other wildlife firsts. Driving towards Lake Vyrnwy we spotted our first ever polecat. I know there is a healthy population in mid-Wales, however this is the first we have managed to see one.
Polecat in Wales

And finally we spotted our first ever lizards in the UK. These were a little closer to home – in fact living in the dry stone wall in the garden of the cottage. I had no idea we even had lizards living in the UK, so this was a real surprise. So if you stay at our holiday cottage, be sure to have a close look at the garden wall.

Viviparous lizard

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