Creating a child friendly holiday home – top tips

As those of us with kids know, taking kids abroad can me a major pain. That is one of the reasons why child friendly self catering holidays in the UK are so popular. If you are the owner of a holiday cottage and are looking to make it child friendly, here are some things to consider. If you are looking for child friendly holiday accommodation then check out our cottage in North Wales.

Baby and toddler equipment

Try to make things as easy as possible for parents by providing as many essentials as possible. Consider supplying the following:
  • Cot

  • Stair gate

  • High chair

  • Plastic plates

  • Baby monitors

  • Toddler toilet seat

  • Toilet step

  • Baby monitor

  • Nightlight

  • A microwave is also handy for warming up baby food.

Anything you can provide means less for harassed parents to have to pack. It is also worth thinking about where a cot could be positioned (ideally in the parents bedroom).

Keeping children occupied

We all know how tricky it can be to keep children occupied. Especially if they are stuck inside if it is raining. How about providing some of these?
  • Games console

  • Toys

  • Books

  • Board games

  • DVDs

A table football game is also relatively inexpensive and fun for all ages to play.

Make the most of the outside space

If you have any outside space, why not think about providing a swing, sandpit or even a table tennis table.

Places to eat

It is nice to eat out occasionally when on holiday. So be sure to mention some places you know are child friendly. Perhaps they do smaller portions for children or have a slightly less formal area in which to dine.

Layout of the bedrooms

Be sure to mention important facts about the layout of the house. Parents normally like to sleep on the same floor level as their children. If your property has bedrooms on different levels it is best to mention it.


Parent like enclosed gardens so they can give their children a little freedom and they do not have to watch over them all the time. Think about how you can make your garden secure.


Be sure to mention things like ponds, streams etc that run through your property.

Bath time

Children like baths, so try to provide a bath at your property. Perhaps have a small basket of bath toys for them to play with.

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